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Service Team:
Storike company has specialized aftermarket service department. It is a dedicated team that provides external technical support and customer service across the country. Aftermarket Services Department establishes a comprehensive network of services in the domestic aftermarket, including product maintenance, quality assurance, technical support, customer service and technical training, materials management, hotline services. Aftermarket Service department will service the country , and these services are subdividedin order to effectively implement.
Service commitment:
provide comprehensive, positive, active, high-quality, efficient service 1.Inion Processing: For all types of customers’ letters and calls , we will complete and respond to the received inion within 4 hours 2.Accessories supply: Network warehouse delivery within 24 hours to reach, special import parts consultation 3.Reaction rate: The service engineers will start off within 30 minutes after receiving a service message or call to the customer to explain thetreatment measures.
In order to make better use of our products, our company will provide you with the following services:
free for you to training: operation, maintenance, maintenance personnel, productcommissioning;
free for you to work for the implementation of technical advice;
provide original accessories;
provide the product manuals;
provide the boot acceptance report: please cooperate with our sales staff to do boot acceptance in time when you receive the product, then to use the product
Service platform:
Customer service is a customer-centric,powerful and competitive service system. It’s operation is high efficiency among the whole process . It is fighting for emotional services, standardization servicesand feature services. The company pursues the continuous improvement in the construction of software and hardware in all aspects of pre-sale , sale and after-sale.
In the service of inion construction, the company introduces CRM customer relationship management system and establishes a unified customer relationship management platform for customer resources, market research, sales process, customer service management to seek the best mode of operation. Using the scientific analysis methods record the complete service process , reduce costs , improve customer satisfaction and provide a comprehensive solutionfor enterprises .
In the service of hardware facilities, the company is planning "Global Service Delivery Center". This center acts as Storike’s customer headquarters service platform, including customer service training centers, spare parts distribution centers. And it will provide hardware facilities and logistics support for the global service.

Customer satisfaction is the need to monitor
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