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jining Storike is a Chinese construction machinery manufacturing company, which combines the foreign advanced technology with its independent innovation .In 2003 , we producedthe first productswith strict production standards and precise testing process to create our business base. Storike has become renowned national brand andis highly recognized by the industry.
It has two production bases, which produce vibratory rollers, gasoline plate compactors and concrete machineryequipment. All products are produced in accordance with the international popularconcept of LEAN ,and the characteristics of its production capacity is flexible and fast to adapt to the different needs of customers.
The company claims that the goods will be delivered to the customers in the term of the agreement as soon as possible, and the service personnel will reach the customer's place in the best time.
The company follows the tenet of customer benefit maximization . The business philosophy of customer satisfaction is always s ticked to by every employee.
Company sales staff is also a technical consultant to provide perfect solutions to the customers’problems.
The company has a number of technical innovationand product design experts in construction machinery, which can meet the various needs of the market.
On“creating value for our partners”:
Storike believes that customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees , the units and individuals who cooperates with us are our partners. Only through efforts to create value for partners, we can realize our own value and access to development and success.
About "integrity, tolerance, innovation, service":
Storike believes that integrity is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite to solve the problem, innovation is the weapon to develop career , and the service is the basis to create value.

Customer satisfaction is the need to monitor
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